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(Jacksonville Florida) – Each year as spring winds down, home and business owners throughout the south are faced with a dilemma. Whether to spend the extra money on heat-beating, energy-saving technologies for the home or office or to suffer through another long, hot summer of misery. The latter can be more detrimental than you think, as it comes with a whole host of consequences, from personal discomfort to decreased business productivity and even significant interior damage to furnishings and floor coverings.

That is why National Window Film Day, which will take place this year on April 30, is such an important event. Established by the International Window Film Association in 2014, National Window Film Day was designed to educate the public about the many cost-saving, productivity enhancing and security benefits of modern window films. All Spec Sun Control is an Authorized Certified 3M Dealer providing Jacksonville window film solutions to homes and offices.

For example, new, cutting-edge window films from companies like 3M are designed with micro-layered, tear-resistant technology. These films can help reduce seasonal energy costs while simultaneously lessening potential storm damage and protecting against window-based burglaries. Plus, 3M window films are essentially invisible, so they help retain the beauty and integrity of a building’s exterior without violating any zoning or homeowner association codes. Perhaps the greatest perk of all is that consumers can take advantage of all of these benefits for a fraction of the cost of replacing their existing windows. As a Jacksonville Window Film Solution provider we can provide many different solutions to your home or office.

Today’s window films can provide business and home owners benefits that simply were not available a decade ago and at a fraction of the cost of replacing the glass you already have in place. These solutions are available through All Spec Sun Control, a 3M authorized Jacksonville window film dealer. National Window Day was designed to help get that message out there and to introduce consumers to the incredible energy savings, security and weather benefits today’s window film products offer.

All Spec Sun control provides Window Film Solutions to Jacksonville and surrounding areas including Ponte Vedra, Atlantic Beach, St. Augustine, and all Duvall County, St.Johns County and most of Northeast Florida. For more information on National Window Film Day, as well as recent advances in window film technology and how they may be able to help your home or business, visit or call (904) 745 -5930.